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Coach hire, coach tours, coach transfers

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Coach Tours in: Italy Austria Germany France Spain Portugal Slovenia Belgium Holland Hunary Poland Slovenia Europe

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This page was made to keep informed and help our valuable Clients in planning a Coach Tour in Italy.

Coach Luggage Rules

City permit or Coach Pass or "ZTL" Pass (Zona Traffico Limitato=Limited Traffic Zone "LTZ"). What is it?
Travelling by Bus, Minibus, Motorcoach, Coach in Italy is quite complicated. Every single City has his own system and "cost".
Here is all you need to know to avoid heavy fines and make sure you can go in and out of Cities without problems.

 ROME - Private City Tour
 PARIS - Private City Tour

We try to keep the prospect updated, but from one Day to the next, the Fees can be increased at any time without notice as they are imposed by local Councils.
Click on the name of the City (link) to find updated Rates and Rules from the Official sites of Councils or Companies in charge for cashing the Fees.
When you hire a Coach, check the Class. With lower class Coaches the hire will cost less per Day, but City Fees are much higher.

 Main City


 Main City


 Main City



Montecatini Terme

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San Gimignano

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Minor Cities Type of Service RATES (To be updated)
Carrara Check point € 60- per day
Cavallino - Tre Porti Check Point (to reach Punta Sabbioni) € 150- per day
Frascati Parking € 5- per hour
Lerici Check Point € 100- per day
La Spezia Check Point + parking € 50- per day
Monreale Check Point € 50- per day
Montecassino Parking € 25
Palermo Check Point + parking € 30- per day


Parking+Permit € 100-
San Giovanni Rotondo Shuttle service The shuttle cost € 2- per person per way. Is not possible to book the shuttle in advance, only the payment on the departure place. The parking is located 4 kms from the sanctuary.
Sirmione Parking € 20 the first hour €10- for the others hours
Sorrento Parking € 25- per day
Tivoli Check Point + Parking € 15- per day (Piazza Garibaldi)
Verona Check-Point € 55- per day + 30 euro parking
Volterra Parking € 40- per day

   Be Wise. There are quite a few "fake companies" offering Coach services on Internet, showing false information about their Offices in various European Countries.
   Must have a VAT number
and a fixed telephone number and not a "mobile" number as a main contact. Booking with us, your Business is in the right hands.

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Coach hire Brindisi
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Coach hire Catania
Coach hire Catanzaro
Coach hire Chieti
Coach hire Como
Coach hire Cortina d'Ampezzo
Coach hire Cosenza
Coach hire Cremona
Coach hire Crotone
Coach hire Cuneo
Coach hire Enna
Coach hire Fermo
Coach hire Ferrara
Coach hire Florence
Coach hire Foggia
Coach hire Forlμ-Cesena
Coach hire Frosinone
Coach hire Genoa
Coach hire Gorizia
Coach hire Grosseto
Coach hire Imperia
Coach hire Isernia
Coach hire Lamezia
Coach hire La Spezia

Coach hire Latina
Coach hire Lecce
Coach hire Lecco
Coach hire Livorno
Coach hire Lodi
Coach hire Lucca
Coach hire Macerata
Coach hire Mantova
Coach hire Massa-Carrara
Coach hire Matera
Coach hire Messina
Coach hire Milan
Coach hire Modena
Coach hire Monza
Coach hire Naples
Coach hire Novara
Coach hire Nuoro
Coach hire Ogliastra
Coach hire Olbia
Coach hire Oristano
Coach hire Padua
Coach hire Palermo
Coach hire Parma
Coach hire Pavia
Coach hire Perugia
Coach hire Pesaro-Urbino
Coach hire Pescara
Coach hire Piacenza
Coach hire Pisa
Coach hire Pistoia
Coach hire Pordenone
Coach hire Potenza
Coach hire Prato
Coach hire Ragusa
Coach hire Ravenna
Coach hire Reggio-Calabria
Coach hire Reggio-Emilia
Coach hire Rieti
Coach hire Rimini
Coach hire Rome
Coach hire Rovigo
Coach hire Salerno
Coach hire Sassari
Coach hire Savona
Coach hire Siena
Coach hire Siracusa
Coach hire Sondrio
Coach hire Taranto
Coach hire Teramo
Coach hire Terni
Coach hire Torino
Coach hire Trapani
Coach hire Trento
Coach hire Treviso
Coach hire Triest
Coach hire Udine
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Coach hire Venice
Coach hire Verbania
Coach hire Vercelli
Coach hire Verona
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